What is Graphic Designing ?

Designing is an integral and extremely significant part of any kind of outdoor or print advertising campaign. We at White Rose Advertising understand the importance of designing and bring forth the best outputs for our clients needs. Our team of professional, creative and experienced designers endeavors to bring out the most innovative ideas and concepts for varying design needs.

We don't superimpose our ideas in name of creativity but believe in selling your brand through it. We don't sell art but we sell products through it. We are proud to be pioneers of professional graphic designing.

When it comes to designing believe only the best… believe White Rose!!!

Services that we offer in Designing

Now, you don’t need to run places for your advertising needs, White Rose advertising is a One Stop Shop for all Designing solutions.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity makes for a very integral and important part of any business venture or corporate house. As it is said that no one gets a second chance to make a first impression, and a business houses corporate identity is the thing that makes that first impression. Hence it becomes invariably necessary to make it perfect. It is also a firm's strongest tool for marketing. Its reach is immense and with time it becomes a thing with which your customers start to identify your company.

We at White Rose Advertising believe in the power of corporate identity as a marketing and promotional tool and understand its significance appropriately. Our expert graphic designers and experienced creative team designs and develops perfect professional corporate identity for all kinds of companies. For all your corporate identity related need, contact only the White Rose Advertising.

Features We Offer

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collaterals are proven and perfected marketing tools which are extensively being used by companies through out the world. They have been in existence since the beginning of the marketing age and are heavily being used ever after due to their huge response and effective outreach. Marketing collaterals are very much useful as they have a very wide penetration amongst varied customer base.

We at White Rose Advertising provide complete design to print solutions for all marketing collateral related materials. Marketing collaterals include catalogues, brochures, flyers, newsletters, booklet etc. Our expert team has very long term experience of designing and developing marketing collaterals for various companies. We perfectly synchronize our experience with modern tools and trends to present the perfect quality of marketing collateral for your business. Believe only the best; choose White Rose Advertising only for all your Marketing Collateral requirements.

Features We Offer
  • Brochure
  • Flyers/Leaflets
  • Product Catalogue
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Poster
  • Hoarding

3D Designing

For any project it is said that, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Hence modern tools and technologies are effectively utilized to plan any product or project in finest way possible. Visualization in modern times has become a necessary requirement for each and every real estate project as well as for many lifestyle products. These are planned and conceived through 3D designing technologies.

White Rose Advertising has a dedicated expert team of 3D design professionals that conceive and develop the 3D modules for different kind of projects. We develop the latest technological 3D marvels utilizing the modern tools and latest trends. Whenever you require 3D support and assistance believe only the best, believe white Rose Advertising. Your trusted partner for 3D designs.

Features We Offer
  • 3d Product
  • 3D Architectural

Product Packaging

Product packaging is a very significant feature that contributes heavily to the branding and sales of a product. Markets today have become really competitive and it is important for a product to look good for to achieve good sales. Product packaging plays very vital role in deciding the fate of a product. Attractive package design induces customers to buy and try a product.

Product packaging is no easy thing. There are quite lot things that are required to be taken care of during a product packaging procedure, like creating unique color pattern, a differentiable design, an adequate package shape etc. White Rose advertising has a long time experience of providing proficient package designing services to our esteemed clients. Our experts study and understand the uniqueness of every product and design it accordingly to present beautifully in the market. Try White Rose for your product packaging needs and experience the marvel in this field.

Outdoors Designing

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